Business Process Improvement supported by Process Mining

Identify process improvement opportunities by creating complete transparency

Process transparency benefits the identification of Process Improvement opportunities and compliance. That’s why Squadra uses Process Mining to generate transparency in processes, which in return supports accelerating process change, continuous improvement, and digital transformation.

Almost any business process can be improved, either in the execution of processes by standardization (provide a single best practice) or harmonization (similar processes are executed similarly), or in its design by optimization (taking out bottlenecks and inefficiencies) or transformation or innovation. In our view, process improvement analysis should be fact based and transparent . We strongly believe in the power of Process Mining during improvement efforts– using all available historical data of individual events to create an extensive picture of the way processes are executed, helping you to use event data from supporting IT systems to visualize and optimize your business processes.

Squadra, masters in Process Improvement supported by Process Mining

The Squadra Team has a deep understanding of business processes in a broad range of industries. The combination of industry knowledge and Process Mining experience makes Squadra uniquely equipped to help ambitious organizations towards Process Improvement. We achieve results by perfectly balancing the three most important elements of every transformation effort: the processes that are executed, the people running the process, and the technology supporting it. Using our SCOPE approach our Process Improvement experts help you to create a complete solution, from analysis through to delivery and control.

Process Mining supports multiple Process Improvement methodologies

In recent decades, a number of Business Process Improvement methodologies have been developed to improve the way organisations run their processes. 

“The Biggest advantage of process mining is the ability to create an objective and fast diagnosis of processes”

Business drivers for Process Mining supported improvement efforts

Cost reduction – Reduce your operating costs by improving process execution and design, either by standardizing, harmonizing, optimizing or transforming your processes.

Compliance – Check if your teams work in compliance with both internal and external rules and regulations.

Benchmarking – Compare processes in different parts of the organization for performance reasons or during a roll-out of a new IT-system;

Pre-Merger Operational Due Diligence – Zoom in to assess your compatibility with the processes of a merger candidate before joining forces.

Customer Journey Visibility – Visualize all the different ways customers interact with your organization and analyze their end-to-end journey and supporting processes.

KPI Measurement – Measure process KPI’s accurately, consistently, continuously and in real time.

Lean/Six Sigma

Six Sigma places great emphasis on fact-based assessment of improvement opportunities through the DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) model. By adding Process Mining to Six Sigma initiatives, fact-based decisions during the Measurement and Analysis phases, as well as post Improvement (measurement and) Control phase become real. 

Where Six Sigma focuses on individual activities, Lean focuses on the flow of activities and identifying inefficiencies (waste). With attributes like JIT, Kanban, Kaizen and Value Stream Mapping, Lean is very reliant on process discovery either through Brown-Paper sessions, the use of Process Mining or a combination of the two.

Lean initiatives supported by Process Mining can identify inefficiencies and deviations more quickly and comprehensively. By focusing on all cases and events, a Lean project can be much more complete in its analysis and measurement.

Business Process Innovation or Redesign

BPR states that process improvements need to be driven by Business Strategy and Goals at all levels of the value chain. Without a comprehensive end-to-end approach, piecemeal improvements can lead to sub-optimalization of that Value-Chain. To accommodate this approach, processes need to be known and described extensively and holistically. Creating process transparency, facilitates your process innovation efforts.

In Short

Process Improvement supported by Process Mining is fact based and objective. It’s fast and efficient. And it can help you to produce a number of process metrics. Because the results are based on objective facts, they create the possibility to explore the actual processes on a new level of completeness and transparency. It effectively eliminates time-consuming workshops, countless interviews and delivers an objective view on business processes. 

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