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Finding the Right Leadership to Support and Inspire the Digital Transformation

The success of Digital Transformation initiatives is dependent on the capabilities of the people leading the change. Squadra is uniquely skilled in finding the best person for the job.

The rapid pace at which technological developments are changing the world demands a whole range of new skills and abilities from any leader heading the charge. Which skillset and experience are needed now in a CIO, CDO or CTO, differs from organization to organization. The job description and required skills might even differ from department to department. Adding to the complexity: the skillset needed several years from now, when the Digital Transformation is completed, might be completely different.
This new dynamic poses great challenges both for the companies who are looking for an executive and the organizations that provide executive search services. Simply demanding somebody with 20 years’ experience in a certain role, isn’t enough anymore. And simply reviewing CV’s doesn’t cut it either. Navigating the Digital Transformation demands experience, the right vision, the ability to quickly adopt new concepts, and the ability to change. That not only goes for the executive, it’s also true for the company itself.

Squadra, masters in Executive Search

At Squadra, we are uniquely equipped for matching the demands of companies seeking change with executives seeking new opportunities. We are firmly embedded in several large networks of executives and this gives us unparalleled access to the brightest and most talented people. But more importantly, we facilitate the discussion among the stakeholders that is needed to formulate which profile best suits the transformation challenge at hand. Before commencing any search, we make sure every stakeholder is on the same page regarding the requirements of the job. It’s a different way of looking at recruitment. It’s our way of conducting an executive search.

For these kinds of positions, we don’t believe in LinkedIn or job postings because they only slow the process down. We believe in speed, personal relationships, and a very personal investment in the process. Every candidate is handpicked and carefully vetted.

Squadra has a cell-like structure. Every cell has its own expertise. Our experts understand the current themes in the market – they are our eyes and ears in the job market. As a result of this unique perspective, we know potential candidates personally and really understand their history, skills and ambitions. We are very proud to say that this approach works. Squadra has provided digital change agents for both small, medium and large organizations across a whole range of industries.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change”

Charles Darwin

Key benefits include:

  • High success rate
  • Fast process
  • Extensive network
  • Personal involvement
  • Direct lines of communication

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