Product Information Management

Deliver a better overall customer experience by creating one single source of product information

In order to create a perfect overall experience that sets you apart from the competition, you need to be able to serve the customer with accurate product information across every channel. Rich and accurate Product information need to be available in every customer touchpoint, from the e-commerce site to the electronic price tag in the brick and mortar store, from the app to the mail-order catalog, and in the Point of Sale system. Being able to quickly populate these touchpoints with rich and accurate product data is essential. That’s where Squadra’s knowledge of Product Information Management (PIM) comes in. With PIM, you create one single version of the truth that provides reliable data for every system and business process.

Master Data Management

Build a Firm, Reliable Data Foundation for your Business

The amount of data in companies is growing rapidly, as is the amount of systems and processes that need to use that information. Therefore companies often face challenges due to complex system landscapes, scattered data (silos), data entry in multiple processes and applications, lack of integrated processes, no clear data definitions, limited mastering on data, uncontrolled data changes, lack of data ownership and so on. This leads to all kinds of data quality issues like inaccurate, inconsistent, duplicated and fragmented data with a huge impact on the business. This results in mistakes, a lack of trust in the system, lots of expensive and time-consuming manual work, supply chain inefficiencies, customer loyalty suffering, bad financial consolidation and ineffective marketing efforts. MDM guards and streamlines the way master data is entered, processed, guarded, and changed within the company, resulting in one single version of the truth and enabling different departments and systems to stay synced regarding their crucial data.

Squadra, masters in Master Data Management

The Squadra team has profound knowledge and experience in all areas of PIM and MDM. By using our SCOPE framework, we help you to create one version of the truth, setting the stage for success. Squadra achieves results by perfectly balancing the four most important elements of every transformation effort: the data itself, the business processes, the supporting systems, and the organization, including its people and capabilities, as well as the structure and governance.

Using our SCOPE approach, our experienced PIM and MDM experts help you to create a complete solution that is fit for purpose. We support our customers in their PIM and MDM challenges with services ranging from Strategy, Maturity Assessments, Awareness workshops and Package Selections up to Business Program Management, Vendor Reviews, Implementations and Operational Optimization.

”One of the largest retailer in The Netherlands requested from one of the manufactures to submit 300+ product data fields within a short timeframe. Data had to be gathered from different systems, sources and departments. This was only possible with a central maintained product data repository!”

Business drivers for a PIM solution:

  • Fulfil market needs for rich product data to stay competitive
  • Higher customer satisfaction due to high quality product information
  • Prerequisite for e-Commerce Business Model
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Faster time to market
  • Efficient business operations
  • Increased data quality and accuracy
  • Regulatory compliance

“The goal of Master Data Management is to enable an organisation to be more efficient, get more value from its data and provide an optimal customer experience”

Business drivers for a MDM solution:

  • Omnichannel consistency
  • Segmented value propositions
  • Improved customer insights
  • Increased loyalty and CLTV
  • Higher marketing effectiviness
  • Improved time to market
  • Improved spend analysis
  • First time right creation of Customers, Products, Suppliers, Assets etc.
  • Efficient (supply) operations (less manual work and re-work)
  • Reduction of returns
  • Reduced integration costs
  • Reduced compliancy risks
  • Data driven decision making and accurate reporting
  • Speed up M&A integrations

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