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The world is accelerating towards digital commerce both in B2C and B2B businesses. Although today’s array of technological options promise growth and new ways to transact with customers, many businesses are struggling to make digital commerce profitable and to create visible customer value. In their 2021 State of digital commerce, Gartner identified that more digitally mature companies are accelerating versus the less digital mature, stating: “Organizations with advanced digital commerce maturity are more likely to beat performance targets and are better equipped to drive sustainable, long-term growth”. Whatever your current digital commerce maturity, the challenge remains how to outpace the competition and move your organisation to the next level of maturity.

When it comes to digital commerce, it’s not just about better systems or processes, but also about new competencies, a fresh mindset and attitudetowards the development of e-commerce channels and likely some organisational changes as well. If you want to accelerate your digital commerce operation, you must review and transform in all these areas.

Squadra E-commerce supports the digital transformation journey of the commercial organization and your customer interaction. Hereby we combine extensive digital commerce experience with excellent knowledge of technology and IT architecture. Our experts have extensive managerial experience within the digital commerce domain, as well as in-depth knowledge regarding technology and IT architecture. Squadra E-commerce specializes in every aspect of the commerce ecosystem, including marketing solutions, multichannel integrations, e-commerce platform functionalities and integrations with other business systems.

Starting with your strategy and digital maturity, we help you with defining a digital commerce strategy that supports your enterprise’s ambition, accelerates growth and adds value to your customers in their buying journey. Moreover, we can support selection and implementation projects using our experience with a wide variety of e-commerce software and tools, for example for platform connections, order management, data collection, dynamic personalisation, etcetera. Furthermore, we can help to create a roadmap for architecture and technology to really transform your organisation to a next level. We have noticed that the interaction between IT directors and commercial directors is crucial in order to continuously improve and evaluate architectural and technological opportunities, based on their business value. Lastly, Squadra E-commerce can support customers with AI driven personalization and analysis, monetizing their customer data.

Squadra, masters in E-commerce

The Squadra team has in-depth knowledge and experience in all areas of e-commerce. By using our SCOPE+ framework, we help you create one version of the truth, paving the way for success. Squadra achieves results by striking a perfect balance between the key elements of any transformation effort: the data itself, the business processes, the supporting systems and the organization, including its people and capabilities, as well as the organizational structure and governance.

Using our SCOPE approach, our experienced e-commerce experts will help you create a complete solution fit for your purpose. We support our Using Squadra’s SCOPE+ © approach, our experienced e-commerce experts will help you create a complete solution fit for purpose. We support our clients in their e-commerce challenges with services ranging from Strategy, Maturity Assessments, Awareness & Acceleration workshops, package selection and implementation, to Business Program/Project Management, Mar tech stack review, commerce analytics and customer data monetization.

”Without conscious and deliberate effort, inertia always wins.” – Tony Hsieh.

Benefits of eCommerce by Squadra

Squadra has unique capabilities to assist you in your work around digital transformation of the commerce function and implementation of eCommerce strategy.

  • Completely independent of vendor and system integrator
  • Proven excellence in trajectories around selection and implementation of eCommerce (partial) solutions
  • From vision to execution, we guide from start to finish and bridge the needs and requirements of IT and business.From vision to execution, we guide from start to finish and bridge the needs and requirements of IT and business.
  • Experience in commercial management where eCommerce is embedded, project management and IT infrastructure issues.
  • Experience implementing new techniques and solutions
  • Faster time to market
  • Seasoned professionals with their own specialties from Squadra but also a network of affiliated partners.

Examples of propositions

eCommerce Solutions Selection

Syndication solution selection & implementation

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