Accelerate Your Business by Embarking on a Digital Transformation Journey

Digital technology is rapidly finding its way into every area of business. Problems can now be solved in radical new ways using technologies like Machine Learning, AI, and Process Mining, and tools such as Product Information Management systems, Customer Data and Customer eXperience Platforms. This leads to a radical shift in the way organizations operate. Squadra helps organizations to successfully embrace this shift. Our holistic approach ensures that the focus is not only on technology, but also on organizing the data model, embracing standards, introducing best practice processes, and ensuring that the organisation and governance are aligned with the ambitions.

New technologies, concepts, and models empower businesses to operate in a smart way. Businesses can harness new technologies and use them to their advantage in order to understand their customers better, really empower employees, and to work closer together with suppliers, customers, business partners, as well as any other parties in the value chain.

Adopting new technologies, rethinking existing models, reshaping the system landscape, redesigning existing processes, finding the right leadership, building the right capabilities – it’s all part of the Digital Transformation journey that companies need to embark on. Time is crucial because this digital shift is happening at an increasing speed. Those who can’t keep up, risk losing business to those who can.

Squadra, masters in Digital Transformation

Do you want to embrace Digital Transformation by becoming a smart operating organization that puts digital first? Then Squadra is uniquely positioned to guide you and your organization through that process.

Digital Transformation is not a technology introduction process. It touches on a broad range of fields. Successful Digital Transformation requires in-depth, business-oriented experience and leadership, and a strong customer focus. We at Squadra believe that there is no standard solution that fits every customer. We believe that Digital Transformation will be different for each company. And we believe it is very much a journey, where many adjustments will have to be made along the way.
Although there is no standard solution, we have bundled our shared experience into our methods and tools to enable you to accelerate your projects and ensure timely results of the highest quality. Our seasoned senior team can help you in every step of the transformation journey, from vision and strategy to implementation, execution, and any further optimization required along the way. We can even help you attract the right people to lead and inspire the process of change.

Core services in the Digital Transformation domain are:

  • Customer Engagement, including CRM, Customer Data Management, Customer eXperience and Customer Data Platforms
  • Product Information Management, including Digital Asset Management
  • Master Data Management, including Quality Management and Data Governance
  • Machine Learning, including Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Process Mining
  • eCommerce and Digital Transformation Program Management
  • Match and Search for permanent and interim positions

The services mentioned above are delivered though interim management, program management, and consulting. It’s our goal to turn your Digital Transformation strategy into a successful operation. Squadra is 100% vendor-agnostic. Unlike most of our competitors, we have decided not to fulfil the role of a system integrator. However, we do work closely together with software suppliers and their system integrators to ensure any implementations are successful.

“There is no room for complacency in the fast-moving digital world.”

Neelie Kroes, EU Commissioner for Digital Agenda

Key benefits of a Squadra-powered Digital Transformation

Squadra is uniquely equipped to help you in your Digital Transformation efforts.

Key benefits include:

  • Proven track record in Digital Transformation
  • Full-service, from vision to execution, and in operation optimisation
  • Experience in customer-facing propositions and processes
  • Experience in enabling technologies and solutions
  • Seasoned executives and program managers
  • Fully vendor-neutral