Data Science Specialists

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In a recently published report by Dutch national employment offices UWV, Data Science vacancies in 2019 in the Netherlands are characterized as being difficult positions to fill:

Organizations are increasingly becoming data-driven in their contacts with customers or users and in their own business processes. More and more data is being collected and converted into management information. This leads to a high demand for data warehouse developers, data scientists or BI specialists”.


Data Science Specialists

Data Science Specialists (DSS) is a recently launched Squadra initiative which specializes in recruitment and secondment of specialists in Data Science and Machine Learning. DSS combines in-depth Data Science & Machine Learning field knowledge with a broad business network and business administration know-how to offer companies the best solutions for their Data Science vacancies and help build their Data Science capabilities​.

Data Science Roles

DSS has learned from experience that the first challenge in finding the right person for the right Data Science job, is determining the appropriate job description. When browsing through Data Science vacancies, term like Scientist, Engineer, Consultant, Analyst, Architect or even Wizard pop-up, which can lead to confusion. DSS has therefore made a clarifying 3-fold distinction in Data Science related job descriptions, namely: Data Scientist, Data Engineer and Data Consultant.

In short: The Data Scientist has outstanding programming skills and is skilled to work with big datasets in order to transform data to information and knowledge, including communicating the data’s story visually. The Data Engineer works with the Data Scientist and makes sure the appropriate data platforms are setup in such a way that the Data Science team can work. The Data Consultant forms the bridge between the Data Science team and the client, making sure goals and developments are aligned.

Recruitment & Secondment

DSS offers to fill Data Science jobs through recruitment as well as secondment. Since no job offer is the same and needs and urgencies differ, DSS can offer various formats to help fill Data Science vacancies.

Recruitment: drawing on a vast network of Data Science specialist at all levels (students, recent graduates, junior, medior and senior) DSS can offer the appropriate person for the Data Science job at hand. DSS is eager to think with the customer and determine which type of Data Science role and person would best suit the costumer’s needs.

Secondment: some roles need to be filled especially quick or some projects require a Data Science employee for a certain period of time. DSS has Data Science personnel at its disposal to offer Data Science employees through secondment.

“Our business is data, our passion is people”

Data Science Specialists helps organizations to find the Data Science employees they need.

Data Science Specialists..

  • think role descriptions are often confusing
  • have defined 3 main Data Science roles
  • are trained Data Scientists themselves
  • combine Data Science knowledge with a broad business network
  • offer recruitment services
  • offer secondment services
  • guide & advice new and aspiring Data Science talents

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