Six steps to help you turn digital transformation into a successful operation.

Squadra achieves results by striking a perfect balance between the most important elements within any transformation: the people who execute the process, the process itself, the data that feeds the process and the supporting systems. Central to our approach is the SCOPE+ model.

Using the SCOPE+ model, our experienced professionals will help you create a complete solution fit for purpose. The SCOPE+ model consists of six steps that together comprise the change process. In each of these six steps, Squadra offers different services that contribute to the success of each phase of the transformation.

1. Strategy and success factors

In the role of “trusted advisor” Squadra helps to develop a suitable Digital Transformation strategy, general or for a specific subdomain. We support you in defining a vision and strategy that is aligned with all departments and organizational levels. We define the main goals and identify the critical success factors. The strategy is then translated into a multi-year program and concrete operational plans. In this step we also define ownership (process, data) in consultation with the stakeholders.

2. Context and “change readiness”

In many cases, customers have already defined their strategy and critical success factors, but don’t want to jump straight into implementation mode. We support them by assessing the current status of the organization, governance, processes, data and systems. We can also help you make a business case, whereby we accurately map out the costs and benefits. At the end of this phase, we will have a clear picture of where you stand in relation to the intended change, what benefits it will bring and what the key success factors are.

3. Outline solution

Based on the results of the previous steps, we translate your vision and business requirements into the most reliable solution for organisation, processes, data and technology. We also help you select and assess the right software solutions and suppliers (RfP).

4. Project definition

At this stage of the project, we ensure that the project is moving in the right direction by establishing a clear project structure and defining key project components, such as project objectives, scope, schedule, activities, milestones and potential risks.

5. Evaluation and implementation

In the last step of the SCOPE+ model, everything falls into place and the project is carried out. We provide program and project management support to ensure that the project is successfully completed within time and budget. Depending on the project, we use a stage-gate approach or a more agile way of working. After the project has been delivered, we take the time to evaluate the results.

6. Optimization and continuous improvement

In conversation with our customers, we often find that organizations fall back on old habits (old processes, incorrect use of systems, etc.) or that management comes to the conclusion that the objectives of the project (benefits) have not yet been sufficiently achieved. We support organizations with the help of our maturity scans to identify the improvement potential and convert this into a concrete improvement plan.

We support our customers at every stage of their digital transformation

The SCOPE+ model provides a clear path for your transformation. This does not mean that we must complete all six steps from start to finish to be successful. We support our customers at every stage of their digital transformation.