Last week, the second networking event of Squadra this year took place. In the Squadra office in Leerdam, a group of Squadrians, clients, and other people from the Squadra network gathered for and interesting afternoon program.

After having a drink together in the office kitchen, the group went into one of the meeting rooms, for a plenary session. Starting off with a presentation by Guus van de Mond and Niek Schreurs telling the audience about some trends in digital marketing, especially focussed on the impact of Artificial Intelligence. A total of ten trends in digital marketing were touched upon, with an interesting view of the influence of Artificial Intelligence, and the effects this could have on the job of any marketeer.

Later, Henry van de Ven, the CIO of Nutreco, introduced the audience to the field of the animal- and fish-feeding. Due to the continuously growing human population, solutions need to be found in order to make food production more efficient. In this field, there is a lot of progress to gain by digital transformation, and optimisation of the feeding processes. An example was given about a shrimp farm in which the death rate of the shrimps shrunk by fifty percent, by introducing a feeding system which responded to sounds that shrimps make when they are hungry.

After the plenary session, there was room for more networking during the walking dinner downstairs at Eetcafé de Knijp, a small restaurant located right beneath the Squadra office. In the sun everyone enjoyed the rest of the afternoon, with a drink and some food. All together, we look back at an interesting and successful event!