In response to the demand from the market and more specifically a large part of its customers, Squadra is expanding its MDM services with services in the field of implementation, design, integration and optimization of PIM and MDM systems. These new services are offered from the Squadra unit MDM Factory. 

With this added business unit, Squadra now offers a complete portfolio of PIM and MDM services, from MDM strategy determination to assessments, from selection processes and business implementation to optimizing PIM / MDM processes, organization and governance. And from now on also the technical implementation of systems. 


Whether they are replacing an existing platform or starting a greenfield project from scratch, the Squadra MDM Factory takes care of the implementation of our customers’ new PIM or MDM platforms. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to make optimal use of the functions of our partners’ platforms, keeping time-to-market as short as possible and with a continuous focus on data quality. Looking at our name (Squadra means “team” in Italian), it will come as no surprise that we consider close team collaboration essential to success. 


The world of data is constantly changing. Not only the data itself is constantly in motion, but also the environment in which the data lives. Staying up-to-date requires constant adjustments to existing PIM and MDM platforms and work processes. Squadra MDM Factory provides services to track the changes necessary to keep the data and platform in good shape. 


Determining functional and technical specifications 

Configuration platform 

Implementation of business rules 

Implementation of data quality rules 

(Technical) process implementation 

System integration 

Data Pool Integration 

Interfaces (design and construction) 

Testing (unit, system, integration, acceptance) 


Squadra, masters in … 

The Squadra team has in-depth knowledge and experience of the PIM and MDM domain. By using our SCOPE framework, Squadra helps you create one version of the truth as a precondition for success. Squadra achieves results by striking a perfect balance between the four key elements of any transformation effort: the data itself, the business processes, the support systems and the organization, including its people and capabilities, as well as the organizational structure and governance. 

Using Squadra’s SCOPE © approach, Squadra helps to create a complete solution that is fit for purpose. The MDM Factory helps customers to optimally set up and configure their PIM / MDM platform. With a growing group of more than 20 MDM specialists, Squadra is ready for its customers! 

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Hans Heutink

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