Harvest House, a global player in the field of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, is working hard on digitization. Data is becoming increasingly important, for both the effective operation of operational processes as for analytical data for more strategic direction and decision-making. In addition, Harvest House also wants to lead the way with qualitative product data and thus respond optimally to the wishes of their (mostly) international customers. Squadra was previously asked to come up with a PIM / MDM strategy, on the basis of which the PIM selection process was guided. Squadra is currently guiding Harvest House with the business implementation of the PIM solution, so that harvest House can grow its data in a fruitful way as shown in this video that was primarily made for internal communication. 

For more information about ‘growing data’ in the fruit and vegetable sector, please contact us, or take a look at the Squadra MDM website!