“At Squadra we believe in contributing to a promising future, a future we as well as our customers and next generations want to live in.”



The above quote is part of our DNA and explains why social responsibility is of special importance to us. We strive for a proper balance between the well-being of PEOPLE, our PLANET environment and our business operations / our PROFIT. On this page we explain the various ways in which we aim to contribute to a promising future.

Our People


“Provide a pleasant and inspiring working environment”

Happy Squadrians are more productive but even more important: they create happy customers. Therefore we aim to provide a pleasant and inspiring working environment that stimulates creativity, teamwork and personal development, in our own offices and by means of customer engagement. We are committed to share our knowledge in the different data domains to team up with organizations like Shopping Tomorrow and GS1 to address data and sustainability related topics and collaborate with schools. Furthermore, we organize trainings, network meetings and knowledge events. Sharing knowledge is part of the DNA of every Squadrian.

Part of our policy is sponsoring CSR-related initiatives. As inclusion is very important to us, we sponsor initiatives like The Jimmi Nelson Foundation, Warchild, JustDiggit, Stichting met je hart, Kankerfonds and more. Feel free to check them out yourself!


Indigenous knowledge sustains diversity




Our planet

“Our goal is to reduce our emissions by 50 percent by 2030 and continuously strive for a sustainable and efficient energy consumption.”



Squadra as well as Squadrians are committed to actively contribute to improve our climate. Since several years, we are a net-zero company. We promote working from home when possible, avoiding pollution and unnecessary energy consumption at Squadra offices. Our goal is to reduce our emissions by 50 percent by 2030 and continuously strive for a sustainable and efficient energy consumption.



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“Our principles include that the quality of our services, happy customers and the job satisfaction of our Squadrians are more important than revenue, profit and growth”

At the inception of Squadra, we established a set of fundamental principles that will steer us towards a sustainable future for our valued customers, dedicated Squadrians, and our company as a whole.

We hold a strong belief that our customers are our most valuable asset, and supporting them in achieving their goals is of paramount importance. Our core principles center around a firm commitment to our customers, which includes possessing extensive knowledge, being reliable, independent, vendor-neutral, highly engaged, and customer-focused. Our ultimate goal is to create satisfied customers who are eager to build a trustful, long-term relationship with us and serve as advocates for our brand in the market.