Squadra is a knowledge based, vendor agnostic and solution driven organization with a strong drive to make our clients successful in their Digital Transformation journey. We do this by delivering innovative PIM, MDM, Customer Engagement, Process Mining, Data Science/Machine Learning, Digital Transformation and Executive Search related services supported by our senior professionals and a wide network of business partners. Each unit consists of a team that is thought leader on a specific topic and has clear propositions for our customers. We differ from other organizations by strongly teaming with our customers and acting as trusted advisors. Creating happy customers is our way of living. Their reference is a crucial key to our future success.


Creating happy customers is our way of living.

Squadra is known for their digital knowledge and experience. Summarized, our goal is to create value based on data driven decisions. Our team consists of dedicated professionals, teaming up with colleagues, customers and partners, who are willing to just give that little extra. Within our services, an agile approach is preferred.

Squadra is known for their entrepreneurship and pioneering, next to their commitment for results. Moreover, Squadra puts their customers first and excel in their field of expertise. Last but not least, we think it is important to have fun! 

Our key values

Passion for data and innovative technology

Positioning and practices

Data driven value creation: best alone, better together

We are a family of related practices (Squadra is Italian for team). Besides our own network, we are also part of a network of external partners to service our customers in the best way possible. Moreover, we think it is important to be supplier independent, so we can give an honest and unbiased opinion about matters. Therefore, we are seen as trusted advisors by our customers, which is crucial for us. You could say that we are driven by creating happy customers.